Who we are

Zev Supplies Corp & Majuchu LLC

Zev Supplies Corp is a top provider of medical supplies to the health care industry. For the past decade, Zev Supplies Corp has been sourcing products from established US, European, and FDA approved Chinese factories. Zev Supplies Corp has teamed up with Majuchu LLC, to market and sell personal protective equipment (PPE) to businesses that are committed to protecting their employees and parties.

Jeffrey A Goldshine, the owner of Majuchu LLC, has been a healthcare administrator and entrepreneur since 1975. He has managed and owned skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, nursing agencies, and durable medical equipment company in New England. Jeffrey currently owns Breastpumps.com, a national provider for breast pumps for new mothers. Majuchu LLC serves as a sales representative for PPE Supply to assist Zev Supplies Corp in this venture by offering its products throughout the US and Canada.